Pulau Weh - Planning Part

Hello there.

I am motivated to write again about my travel journey. Yay. Last but not least, hopefully my writings here help many others out there to travel more conveniently.

I stumbled upon Pulau Weh when realizing that the Air Asia flight ticket to Banda Acheh was damn cheap. Then somehow when I googled about what to do in Banda Acheh, someone suggested going to Pulau Weh. Of course I fell in love in Pulau Weh instantly after seeing this magnificent crystal clear water.
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So after doing some researches about Pulau Weh and after I booked the flight tickets, here are mostly the summarize of FAQ someone should know before going there especially for Malaysians.


1. Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Acheh,  Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport.
2. Take a taxi or becak to the jetty Ulee Lheu. About 20 - 30 minutes. There are many travel guides waiting for you outside of the airport which can bring you to the ferry port. The price range would be 100,000 IDR/car. Yet you can request to stop for lunch or tour Banda Acheh with additional cost before arriving to the ferry port. One request to stop for lunch may cost you 50,000 IDR.

3. There are two types of ferry. Fast (one hour only) and slow ( two hours). The price for fast ferry is 75,000 IDR/pax/one way while for slow ferry will save you half the amount.

4. At the Balohan port (Pulau Weh), you need to take another transport to reach your desired location. Going to Iboih Village may cost you 100,000 IDR/car. 


1. The most famous place for backpackers is Iboih Village. They call it as the hidden paradise of Pulau Weh. The accommodations are in bungalows types. The best thing about Iboih is that you can jump right into the sea once you wake up. Let me tell you, this is the reason why I choose to stay in Iboih. haha

Every bungalow has their own restaurants so getting good food should not be a big issue to you. You can find deals for snorkeling trips, divings and other activities once you get here.

Image from http://marischkaprudence.blogspot.com/
2. Sumur Tiga Beach is also nice. Especially for families with children. Compared to Iboih Village, Sumur Tiga has wide long stretch beach. The famous resort spoken by tourists are Freddie's. Casa Nemo also a nice place to sleep in.

3. Steffen Sea Sports where you can cook there and live frugally. The accommodations are very basic but stunning.

Since Pulau Weh is a remote place, so you need to do the reservation earlier. You may call or email the resort , but expect delay in response. It may takes up to 3 days for them to reply.


1. Snorkeling or diving. Hello Pulau Weh is remote, quiet and untouched paradise weh. You can snorkel the volcano site, and you can see bubbles coming out from the earth. Ammaaaazinggg.

2. Tour the island either by renting a motorbike for 100,000 IDR/day or you can rent a car with tour guide. 

3. Fishing and of course barbeque.

Orait, my trip shall be on 6-9 January 2016. Cant waitttt!

Till my next updates about Pulau Weh, tadaaa.
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